Paris 2024, the dream of a nation

As a historic partner of Paris and France, Elior Group is fully committed to the Paris 2024 bid, a positive project which will boost the country’s attractiveness, economic dynamism and innovation capabilities.


To lift the spirits of French people and companies requires ambitious, inspiring undertakings that make them proud and willing to outdo themselves. As an international leader with French roots, Elior Group believes it has a responsibility in actively contributing to the success of Paris 2024 and to this visionary project.


Hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games is the dream of a nation; a collective ambition, a vision across generations, a social project that will leave its heritage to the host country.


In charge of the sport, nutrition and well-being theme for the Paris 2024 bid, Elior Group called upon its core expertise and ordered a study whose results are very instructive. In contributing to Paris 2024’s social project, Elior Group wants to improve the well-being of the French over the long term and therefore invites them to take 2,024 seconds (about 34 minutes) daily for a break combining exercise and food.

Starting the conversation

Universal, inter-generational and emotional, sport is a passionate subject of discussion that allows people to gather and dream and transcend the actual dimension of the performance itself. As the caterer of choice for 2 million French people every day, Elior Group wants to place Paris 2024 at the heart of the meal break and provide them with some food for thought that will no doubt stimulate conversations at break time and make for some passionate, convivial and creative debates.